Training at the National Music school of Tunis (successfully started 6) and the Centre National de Musique de Tunis, including teachers Czechs and Bulgarians few months of training of harmony and violin at the Schola Cantorum in Paris. Consultant for training and recruitement from 2001 until 2006.


Composition and harmony on existing themes or new themes improvised. Participation in jury Mediterranean Guitar Festival 2006 (quoted in the article in the local newspaper "La Presse") different twinning meet and play with the band Reinhardt'Grand Django Music (vith string trio perform in master class with a dedication to David Reinhardt) to a master class of jazz, blues and friendship, Johno Eleven Dublin, impresario of Jasser Haj Youssef, and Monday Hortensia (Wépion) Belgium .... .. experience of teaching in music schools Monastir, Tunis, Django Reinhardt and the composition produced at the Centre for Arab and Mediterranean music with the head Pierrre Vaiana Libramont Festival in Belgium ...view video (quoted in the press release, "the newspaper" 2008)

Spent the summer of 2011 to perform on the cruise ship piano "El Venizelos" between Tunis and Marseille genes. was in 2012 that the piano player on the cruise Tanit, same destinations. Invitation to participate in Festival Miami Beach, Florida 30000 spectators ;

Concerning my job,I am responsible for the public relations committee of an association of disabled sports who have won medals at the Olympics London and Beijing, and I have my consultancy office that I ran for 8 year . I am also a violonist and a piano jazz player , a singer, and a good musical composer of the opinion of music lovers because since the age of 13 I reproduced the music that I liked on the radio on the piano and now that hits I played have thousands of views on youtube. And I was appreciated more professional and more famous musicians that I encountered abroad, I didn’t use to practice enough unless when I m on cruise locked in a boat.

Besides, I find my happiness playing music that I like or that I made, accompanied by a singer, or to teach a student because the music requires exclusive and continuous work . I am also a member of perspectives, which is an organisation perspectives-musicales.org which brings together composers, musicians including some international career and associations in order to help musicians and charitable associations to develop their activities and work together.

I like to help, and I like to compose and to get my work developed, I worked on training and recruitement for 8 years, I also built up a good reputation in music after with professional musicians in Tunisia and now I'm working a bit on an international scale, Belgium, France, USA ..

I traveled a lot, Switzerland (Bern..) where I have friends, Italy, (Genoa, Rome ..) I lived and studied in France, Strasbourg and Paris, I visited Greece, Morocco, Belgium for music, England, I made the round trip playing keyboards on the western mediterranean Marseille, Genoa Tunis more than 50 times.

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