The song :Bossa for fun.

Bossa for fun is a song that took 10 minutes to be composed, performed and recorded in 2012.

The song :Tears in the sunset.

improvised song live in the studio of the school or Django Reinhardt guitar I taught, by chance to test the mac protools in 2006.

The song :Rain on the city .

Rain on the city is an improvisation inspired keyboard noise drops rain on the leaves and on the neighborhood. She received the success since it was ranked No. 1 in toptrack radio radiocafe indiemusicchannel in Hollywood for 2 weeks in August 2012 and remained 4 months in this exceptionally hit.


  • 1. Bossa for fun

  • 2:45
  • 2. Tears in the sunset

  • 1:27
  • 3. Rain on the city

  • 1.49
  • 4. Light after darkness

  • 2.30

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